Neviah Films

is a media production company creating content that raises awareness on social issues and the human condition. Its mission is to introduce new perspectives into public debate to encourage action and inspire “agents of change”.


Neviah: The Prophetess

Neviah is one of thirteen priestesses in Hebrew mysticism. The neviah is the “one who is sent.” She represents the breath of the Divine and embodies inspiration, prophecy, and ecstatic experience. She appears in Miriam the prophet, who dances and drums by the shore of the Sea of Reeds, and in Deborah, the woman who leads the people and sings of her victories. She is in the levitical drummers who danced in Temple processions. Her gifts are music, drumming, poetry, dreaming, ecstatic practice, visioning, and the ability to speak out and be heard. She experiences angelic guides and Divine visions, and seeks truth on behalf of her people.

Neviah Films is a registered LLC in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Current Projects

The Agtivists

The Agtivists is a 90 minute feature length documentary exposing that shadows the work of four American pioneers who are leading the way in the fight for our food freedom. These brave pioneers, who have put their reputation and lives on the line, will challenge the corporate control of our food supply by revealing profound new evidence on genetically modified organisms and prove what some historians declare to be the greatest human experiment in the history of mankind.


The Femivore Series

A Femivore is a woman who has a deep connection with her community, an eco-conscious mind and a passion for local produce.

As our society moves into a post-growth era of less consumerism/economic growth and more self-reliance and personal growth, the Femivore Series showcases the women who are at the forefront of sustainability and who are creating the foundations for this principle, one community at a time.

Recognizing that what we eat plays a pivotal role in each of our lives, in this First Series, we focus on the Female Locavore: women who are leading the local food movement within America. This global, grassroots movement is a way of life that has a direct impact on our taste-buds, health and environment. We chart the chronicles of the female locavores, from Pasadena to Pennsylvania, that are pioneering a new way of being as well as re-introducing age old practices, in food production and distribution. Episodes cover the new and the old, such as: DIY food preservation, the woman who pioneered community supported agriculture, urban homesteading, radical homemaking, one woman singlehandedly composting a city’s waste and “crop swapping, meal swapping and artisan food swapping” by bike!

Understanding that our morals, spirituality, philosophy and education are often developed within the home and often defined by the heart and actions of the woman taking care of that home, we amplify the voice of The Femivore on her quest to change the future well-being of society. The small changes they are implementing in their local environment are collectively making an impact on the whole world. Each Femivore a microcosm of a sustainable world, each Femivore a living, breathing, positive affirmation of humanity’s potential and an expression of the possibilities/solutions for living in harmony with mother earth.

Whether they are single mothers, high achievers, the matriarch of a family of eight or the outreach coordinator of the community church, these women GROW, INSPIRE, NUTURE and GIVE back to the community, helping to plant new seeds of hope. The series starts in North America yet aspires to visit Africa, Asia and South America to encourage a broader perspective on what is available to us.

Starring Ann Karlen: Founding Director of Fair Food, Marisa McClellan: canning expert and author of “Food In Jars” and many more outstanding women, yet to be officially confirmed.