The Agtivists

“Control the food and you control the people” Henry Kissinger

THE AGTIVISTS is a 90 minute feature length documentary that shadows the work of four American pioneers who are leading the way in the fight for our food freedom. These brave pioneers, who have put their reputation and lives on the line, will challenge the corporate control of our food supply by revealing profound new evidence on genetically modified organisms and prove what some scholars declare to be the greatest human experiment in the history of mankind.

Who are The Agtivists? As powerful forces of agri-business steer their ships with an ulterior motive and continue to drown out the voice of the American farmer and consumer, we delve into the world of Bob “The Agronomist” Streit, Howard “The Caretaker” Vlieger, Pamm “The Instigator” Larry and Don “The Scientist” Huber, as they raise the roof on genetically modified organisms and how they affect the environment, the fundamental aspects of our well-being and our future generations.

Despite living in the most technically advanced and abundant era of human history we are in the midst of a huge food crisis. Processed foods dominate the grocery stores with genetically modified (GMO) soy and corn being the common denominator in most products. We have become homogenized and terribly misguided, and as a result, made vulnerable to genetic changes that our bodies have no evolutionary experience with. The Agtivists will reveal profound new evidence about this effect on society through their real life personas and as animated super heroes as they periodically switch between the two as we follow them on their quest to save the human race from extinction!

With as much as 40% of the world’s land surface taken up by agriculture, we make an important pilgrimage to the Mid-West, America’s Agricultural Heartland, where three of the four Agtivists reside to explore the delicate & intricate relationship between the environment and food production, and the impact of Roundup Ready, “The Core Suspect”, on soil health and plant health and in turn human health. We look at the rapid increase of crop disease that is spreading across states at alarming rates and the depletion of our top soil – the life giving layer to grow food – and propose a new technique that has started to emerge within progressive circles by way of biological farming over organic farming to heal the earth. Here we come face to face with the heart of the story that switches to animation and centers on the small town of “American Falls” in Idaho, population 4,093. The town is under control by a Monsanto type of authority where they are forced to eat genetically engineered “Frankenfood.” We discover that there has not been a single live human birth in five years. A whistleblower contacts “The Scientist” after the super-weeds in the cornfields confess to their condition. He flies into the town after dark to investigate and finds a new entity which is the true cause of the town’s infertility. It dawns upon The Agtivists that the fate of the entire country depends on this town as the entity is infiltrating the sewer and water systems. We discover each of the Agtivists super powers as they charge them up to awaken the town to the dangers in their food and restore them back to health.

The Agtivists amplify the voice of a growing movement who are demanding greater freedom and transparency in our food supply and who wish to follow Peru, India, Hungary, Costa Rica & Germany in banning the seed companies that have patented and monopolized their natural environment. In a quest for this ban, we travel west to the state of California to meet Pamm “The Instigator” Larry – the woman who is spearheading the relentless campaign for the “California Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.” We follow her on her mission to set the truth free and bring about change in policies, amidst the battle ground of corporate power and profits.

Standing free of what no longer serves us, The Agtivists take us on a journey from the industrial food pipeline to a complete 360 degree turnaround of how we can reclaim our food supply and restore wellness. Forging the way in the restoration of the earth, and the remediation of this human health crisis, these pioneers help us to understand GMOs and how their effects have an impact on every single human being on the planet. The world is ready to hear the truth, and through this film we are challenged to take action and transform the way we think, eat and exist!