Director testifies before Connecticut Congress

Zofia Hausman, director of The Agtivists, testifies before Connecticut Congress.

Genetically Engineered Alfalfa

Ned MacArthur, founder of Natural by Nature who make grass-fed dairy products, out on the field, discussing the inevitability of cross contamination with genetically engineered grass. Yes, grass is now being genetically engineered for no reason at all. Other than Monsanto’s disturbing campaign to monopolize nature.

What is the Farm Bill and why should you care?

Susan Prolman, Executive Director of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition explains to us what the Farm Bill is. Susan has advocated for a more sustainable approach to agriculture for nearly a decade; she told us that while the USDA recommends a daily allowance of fruits and vegetables, they are considered a “speciality” crop, and as […]

Good Food for ALL

We speak to Misha at the Fair Food Farm Stand at Reading Terminal in Philadelphia about the Fair Food Double Dollars program. Double Dollars is a cash-match program designed to increase access to healthy foods for all SNAP beneficiaries. For every $5 spent, Fair Food gives an additional $5 to spend on fresh food, up […]

Local Produce – more flavor, more nutrition, less waste

Rich Landau & Kate Jacoby, owners of Horizon’s Vegan Restaurant in Philadelphia, explain to us how the use of local produce changed their lives and the quality of food they serve at the restaurant.

Is your food Animal Welfare approved?

We speak to Emily Lancaster, the SE Outreach Co-ordinator for Animal Welfare Approved, at the 2011 Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture conference.

Vegan Fine Dining: Inside the kitchen of The Natural Gourmet Institute with Jay Weinstein

Jay Weinstein, author of The Ethical Gourmet, prepares a vegan meal for guests at The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC.

Food Security: The role of Urban Farming

Nic Esposito, urban farmer and co-founder of Philly Rooted explains how more thoughtful design of urban land can help with food security. He talks to us at Walnut Hill Community Farm in West Philadelphia.

It takes a village…..

Steveanna Wynn at the SHARE Food Program (which serves five states) explains why community needs to come together to end hunger. www.sharefoodprogram.org

Crack Addiction: junk food addiction

We talk to Moby – Musician, vegan and author of Gristle at his home in NYC. Join the discussion on facebook: www.facebook.com/miseducation

Wes Jackson & Haiti’s Outlook

Wes Jackson, President of The Land Institute. Life magazine named Wes as one of 18 individuals it predicts will be among the 100 “most important Americans of the 20th century.” We spoke to him at this year’s PASA Farming for the Future Conference (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture).

Obesity & Socio-Economic Status

Anne Gemmell, a high school teacher at the Shoemaker Campus of Mastery Charter Schools in Philadelphia talks to us about a discussion she led with students on obesity and the connection to poverty. Philadelphia has the highest obesity rate of America’s 10 largest cities (2010) of which 57% are children.